Detection of morphine after ingestion of poppy seeds
Angelo HR, Kaa E Bispebjerg Hospital, Kobenhavn.
Ugeskr Laeger 1993 Dec 6; 155(49):4011-3


The aim of this study was to investigate whether morphine can be detected in urine after the ingestion of poppy seeds bought in Denmark. Morphine and codeine were determined in 10 different poppy seed specimens bought in Denmark. Ten and 25 g of the specimens containing the highest amount of morphine and codeine were consumed by respectively six and seven volunteers. Urine samples were collected for analysis at intervals up to 24 h. All samples were found positive by radioimmunoassay up to 24 h after ingestion. Using the less sensitive thin layer chromatography method, one of six and two of seven were positive, two to four hours after intake of respectively 10 and 25 g of the specimens. We conclude that the detection of morphine in urine does not necessarily indicate an illegal drug use.
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